What does the color that you mostly resonate with at this moment, mean?

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What is a soul's color frequency diagnosis?

Just like how our name or date of birth have numerological frequency, so do colors. Soul’s color frequency diagnosis contains your soul’s potential from information that comes from the soul’s circle and you only do it one time in your whole life. The way to actualize your potential can be understood by how you paint the circle.

That’s the ability to identify each person’s soul’s colors frequencies and how they express in our world. The diagnosis reveals our unique abilities, it allows us to recall our essence and what we really came to do here. Additionally, that knowledge helps to find out more things about us such as: what heals us, what protects us, what brings us peace and quiet, what our challenges are and even what we can learn from our parents, siblings, friends and close environment. Moreover it allows you to concentrate your actions how it suits you best, and how it’s mostly accurate for you.

In which areas can the diagnosis give directions?




Attention and concentration


Find out what's hidden
behind your personal unique color code

Diagnosis benefits:

  • Suits all ages.
  • A high precision diagnosis.
  • A process that isn’t invasive.
  • The solution is personally adjusted to each individual.
  • Knowledge is power- knowing your personal potential aims in directing and actualizing it in all areas of life.

How will I know who I am and bring myself to actualization?
How do I act and create in the world?
What did I come with to share to the world?
Which kind of people do I magnet to myself?

In order to find out what's hidden behind your personal unique color code

Workshops and lectures

Experiential activities that are suited for women nights, bachelorette parties, team building and more…

Find out the connection between colors
and the course of life and how to improve your life.

Common questions:

* The diagnosis is made as follows:
Step 1 I explain the frequency of colors and its impact on our lives.
Step 2 I guide the client in drawing the color circle.
Step 3 I diagnose the circuit.

The whole session lasts between an hour and a half and two hours.

* The meeting can be done in the Zoom app.
In such a case the client has to prepare for the meeting a pencil, white pages without lines and pastel chalks.
Colored pencils are also possible but less recommended.

* The diagnosis is suitable for ages 5-120.

* Like anything in life, the responsibility for changes in your life depends solely on you.
The diagnosis gives you clarity about who you really are during this period of life.
It gives you clarity about the profession that is especially suitable for you during this period of life.
It reflects to you the challenges in your life and allows you to get through them without losing yourself.
And many more aspects.
The change you can achieve after the diagnosis, is very big.
Will it happen? You are the one who decides. 


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