Tastes of the Indian color circle - workshop

The workshop’s goal is to get familiar with the meaning of the colors in our lives.
Why do we relate with a certain color and not with others.
What does our month of birth’s color mean?
And more advices for a fuller life.

Since different people arrive to each workshop, every workshop is different from the previous.
There is a basic character that comes from the colors, however there will always be additional surprises that stem from the group’s dynamic in the present.

What do you get from the workshops?

The workshop creates an opportunity to open doors anew. Ones that we closed without cleaning first, thinking “there will probably be no effect” (I don’t see it therefore it doesn’t exist).

The workshop suits everyone who feels stuck in their everyday routine life, in:

Relationships with his/her surroundings
And more..

Suitable for:

Spiritual Ceremony’s
Friends meeting
Women’s night
Staff meetings
And any other group that comes together and wants to experience something interesting.

Workshop duration - up to 3 hours.

You have questions?

Please fill in your details and I get back to you soon.

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