A post that went up on Facebook after I was disconnected from it for 9 months.

I have not been here long and learned a lot about life without Facebook.
What did I learn?
I learned that life is what we create for ourselves.
True it’s a cliché as long as we only know and understand it but once you start to feel it then the magic happens …..
I have learned to believe in my truth, in what I feel, see, smell and taste.
I learned to tell my story.
And the magic can only happen when the truth and the story are from the heart.
The universe cannot be deceived.
Even if we decided to make up a story about a wonderful life that we may not have, the more we tell it the more we will believe in it and the magic will happen ….
In short a mantra.

So pay attention to the words and stories that come out of your mouth.
Focus on words of compassion and love.
And bring peace to yourself and to the whole world.

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