In the spirit world, you do not feel the darkness.

There is no judgment ,and love is unconditional.
There is a recognition that darkness exists but it can only be felt through the physical body, only through the ego.

In my feeling this is exactly what the Creator wants to fulfill. He wants to fulfill the light in the darkness. In other words he wants to fulfill the unconditional love in the physical body.

Everything dark that happens to us in life is a result of the existence of the ego within us.
When we feel through the ego the darkness we immediately want to turn on the light and then the development of light in the physical body begins.

Of course there is no separation, everything works in sync with each other.
At the moment when you feel the darkness, the light also exists and vice versa.

The impregnation is always a small point within the darkness that exists in a woman’s physical body.
And as the fetus grows so does the feeling of love and light entering our lives.
In the first years the baby reflects to us pure unconditional love and the more we grow with it the greater the light and darkness grows tigether
The raising of the soul and at the same time the raising of the darkness.
The only difference is that you come to a state where you don’t feel the darkness as darkness any more and its still there and this is the when we say as humans that the light always wins.

When we look at a tree and think that the tree is just what we see in the light and we do not understand that the same size of tree also exists in the earth as roots then we are in total separation from the truth that exists in the earth which is actually roots that grow in the dark so the tree can be large in the light.

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